When Is A Good Week To Take Maternity Photos In Maryland? 

Pregnancy is an incredible journey. You are doing what only women can do, create life! 

As you help your tiny human grow, you cherish those moments where it’s just the two of you. 

Capturing these moments with a maternity photoshoot is the perfect way to remember the journey you both took together. 

Maternity Photoshoots 

Maternity photos have become increasingly popular in the last decade. But, of course, who can forget Beyoncé’s stunning birth announcement? 

As we said, growing and nurturing a child is an amazing journey, and your body has done marvelous things to help make sure the baby is happy and healthy. 

These photos capture the power of a woman’s body and the intimate connection you share and create with your child before they come into the world. 

It also gives you the chance to be in front of the camera! Of course, as a mom, you’re now going to be behind the camera and fill your phone up with thousands of photos of your little one, making sure not to miss a second. 

Maternity photography sessions are different from family photos because you are in the spotlight, and your journey to becoming a mother is forever eternalized. 

However, we can also do family and newborn photoshoots once your little one has arrived! 

When To Take Maternity Photos

Maternity photoshoots are different from birth announcements. Birth announcements can be taken anytime you choose to let the world know that you’re expecting! 

Maternity photoshoots are different. They are typically taken between 34th and 37th week, close to when your little one enters the world. 

This timeframe is late enough in your pregnancy but not too late that you risk missing the photoshoot if you go into labor. 

This timeframe is the “golden hour” for a maternity photoshoot because you are glowing, and your bump is very much there! 

maternity photos

Types Of Maternity Photo Shoots

You are in control when it comes to the themes or styles of your maternity photoshoot. 

You can choose to go simple with jeans and a t-shirt or glamorous and sensual with a formal gown or beautiful lingerie. 

Your partner and family are more than welcome to join in the photos, or it can be just you and your baby. 

You also have the choice of studio or on-location photos. Fields, streams, and nature really highlight your journey and set a gorgeous scene, while studio photos give an intimate feel and place a spotlight on your connection. 

Preparing For A Maternity Photoshoot

For 7 months, it’s been all about baby; now it’s your turn to be pampered! So let’s talk about preparing for a maternity photoshoot.  

Some women get their hair and makeup done, and some choose to go completely natural, with minimal or no makeup. The style of your photo shoot will most likely determine what your look will be for that day. 

You will want to moisturize to highlight that natural glow if you’re showing off your bump. 

If your partner or family are involved, make sure they have outfits cohesive to your style or theme!

We can help you determine your style and theme and recommend hairstylists and makeup artists if you’re interested! 

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In Need Of A Maternity Photoshoot In Maryland? – See Carrie Collins

Are you expecting? Congratulations!

Now that you’ve got your due date, you can schedule your photoshoot for between 34-37 weeks! 

If you’re looking for a photographer in Potomac, you’ve come to the right place! And since Maryland is lucky enough to experience all 4 seasons, you’ll have incredible backgrounds and settings for your maternity photoshoot in Maryland!

It’s also wise to “schedule” your newborn photography session when you schedule your maternity photo shoot. We know things change, and babies make their own schedules, but knowing an estimated date will help us all prepare! The best time for newborn photography sessions is between 5 days and 2 weeks old! 

If you’re ready to schedule your maternity photoshoot in Maryland, look no further than Carrie Collins Photography! We enjoy serving Potomac and Maryland area moms and families. 

Connect with us today to schedule your maternity, newborn, or family photography sessions!