One of the questions that I’m most frequently asked by my clients is what poses should I expect to see during my newborn session? I’ve created this post as a guide to detail those key poses and better understand newborn photography safety basics.

Photographing your newborn is a joyous event! This is your little one’s first professional photo shoot. The expressions will be spontaneous and the beauty of the image emerges directly from your newborn’s innocence.

As a photographer, my first goal is to ensure that your baby is safe and comfortable throughout the session. This means that I keep my studio at the correct temperature as baby is not yet able to regulate body temp on his/her own. If we use props, those are weighted on the bottom to be certain that they won’t topple. And most importantly, we modify poses and workflow if necessary. We are flexible. Not all babies will go in to every pose and forcing them just makes no sense. We always have a plan B and even C.

My second goal is to capture everything about your little one in a way that it will never be again; brand new. I want to document those pouty lips, tiny fingers and toes, and of course those adorable wrinkles on baby’s back.

Keeping your little one’s safety and comfort top of mind, my session workflow typically focuses on 7 main poses. It is within each of these poses that I incorporate props, wraps and hats that help to bring out baby’s personality and your own personal style preferences.

By far my, this pose is the most requested by parents as it is considered the quintessential newborn pose. This pose can truly highlight your baby’s tiny features. Legs are by the side of baby and hands are placed under the chin cupped. Most babies really enjoy this pose and they can readily be soothed to sleep while in it. Parents love it too because we get those squishy cheeks! Please note that with Froggy pose, we shoot several shots to composite together in post processing.  This is for safety and we never compromise.

Newborn Baby Boy posed on light brown fabric. Froggy Pose

2. Bum Up
This pose is my personal favorite because you can capture everything at once. Facial features, flexibility, and those baby fat rolls. We use several different props and wraps to add variety and make certain that all parts are covered.

Baby Boy Newborn Posed on Grey Fabric

3. Wrapped 

Many times, wrapping a baby is the only way to get them to completely relax during a session.  And that’s okay. After all, there’s a reason that we refer to babies as “bundles of joy”. They look incredibly adorable all wrapped up. To get variation with this pose, we tuck hands in, pull them out and we can even use wrapped poses inside many different props.

Newborn Girl Portrait. Angelic in Ivory Wrap on FlokatiNewborn boy posed sleeping on grey fabric swaddled in grey





4. Side Sleeping
Side poses are where we work the angles and use variations on hand placement and well as wrapping techniques. This pose is far from boring. Often times, this pose can bring a tear to parents eyes as they notice the absolute serenity of their sleeping newborn.

Newborn Girl portrait side sleeping on brown fabric with peach headband


Newborn boy posed contently on grey fabric





5. Taco

Sometimes called the womb pose, this pose offers up the ability to showcase all of baby’s special features, Those of the face as well as fingers and toes.

Newborn Boy Posed Sleeping on Tan Fabric Bethesda Newborn Photographer

6. Chin on Hands

This is another pose that offers up the “cutest moments”. This pose can be done within a prop or simply on the bean bag and can be shot from multiple angles.  I love this pose because I tend to get sweet little baby smiles while I’m snapping away.

Bethesda, Newborn, Photographer, Sleeping, Baby

7. Parents and Siblings

Of course we focus on capturing mom and dad as well as siblings in each newborn session. These are cherished images and definitely my clients favorites!

Mom with Newborn Baby Boy Angelically backlit. Bethesda Maryland Newborn Photographer

Mom with Newborn Baby Girl posed cuddling on flokati rug. Washngton DC Baby Photographer

While this isn’t everything that we fit in to a session, this gives you a good idea of what you can expect from a newborn session in my studio as well as what types of poses will be filling your gallery.  As any newborn photographer would, I encourage all of my clients to ask questions about both posing and safety.  I’m more than happy to talk this through and to tailor a session based on preferred poses.

Interested in booking a newborn session with Carrie Collins Photography?  I recommend that you book well in advance, typically during your second trimester.  Please Contact Me via email so we can plan to capture your memories.